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Kenti™ Game

kenti game
  • Full name : "Ene­-ken­-ti­-Oba"
  • Name Origin : a bird from Onitsha, Anambra state, Nigeria
  • Game Designer: Zuby Onwuta
  • Name provided by : Zome Onabamiro
  • Language : Swift

Kenti an iOS single player game, designed and developed in under 3 days, is a winner of the Apple WorldWide Developer Conference 2015 Minority Scholarship. The objective of the game is to free "Kenti", a bird trapped in a cage so she can join her friends. The game is played in 2 modes.
A)​Hands on with double finger taps
B)​Hands free with an EEG reader such as Neurosky Mobile headset.

The game is part of a larger project aimed at using games to conduct a research on the "Sustained use of EEG in daily life" Work is in progress to develop an app for this research using iOS ResearchKit.

Now Available on iOS

Game Demo



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